we provide national services to all industry sectors


As a national contract cleaning and facilities management company, we can provide services to a broad spectrum of industry sectors which incorporate single sites to multiple outlets, large industrial units to multi-floor commercial buildings. Each sector has it's own unique requirements as do each of our customers. We can tailor our service to meet individual needs and ensure your premises are cleaned and maintained to meet the expectations of you and your visitors and customers.



We can provide our services nationally to offices and commercial properties. Ensuring your commercial premises is clean and fully maintained is imperative in providing your visitors with an impressive first impression.

We have clearly structured processes and provide complete transparency which gives you peace of mind that your premises are being looked after, professionally, efficiently and reliably.


national capability for offices and commercial premises

structured processes, complete transparency

qualified engineers, fully trained management and staff



We understand the nuances of retail properties and provide a national service to many clients with multiple sites of varying sizes.

Ensuring your retail premises provide the correct impression to your customers is essential in maintaining your brand image. We can look after the maintenance and cleaning of single and multiple retail sites. Making sure your stores and showrooms provide a clean and comfortable environment where customers can feel relaxed while making their purchase decisions.


national capability for single retail outlets to multiple sites

providing clean and comfortable environments

helping to maintain your brand image



We provide our service to the hotel and leisure industry across the UK. We understand that these premises are not only client service focused, they can also be open all hours.

We understand that each hotel and leisure facility will have its own unique requirements depending on the amenities within. We also understand that we need to have a flexible approach to the services we provide within premises with variable room occupancy and seasonal peaks.


complete service requirements with minimum disruption

understanding of each unique requirement

providing flexible services to multiple rooms



Often the most challenging environments to keep clean and compliant are manufacturing plants, distributions centres and industrial facilities.

We understand that no two facilities are the same and following a site survey we will be able to provide a tailored solution for your premises. Ensuring the building is clean and compliant is our priority with the health, safety and well being of your staff our focus.


challenging environments need tailored solutions

site survey required to fully understand individual needs

health and safety of staff is paramount